3 Not-So-Obvious Signs Your Teen May Have An Eating Disorder

If you are the parent of a teen, you probably know how important it is to watch out for warning signs for things like eating disorders. You might know about some of the more obvious signs, such as if your teen refuses to eat or abuses diet pills. However, there are some not-so-obvious signs that you might miss along the way. These are some of the not-so-obvious signs that you may want to watch out for.

1. Your Teen Wears Overly Baggy Clothes

For some teens, wearing baggy clothing is just a phase. However, if your teen has gone from wearing properly fitting clothing to wearing clothing that is far too big for his or her body, this could be a sign of a few potential problems. For one thing, it could be a sign that your teen is losing more weight than you realize and that his or her clothing just doesn't fit properly anymore. It could also be a sign that your teen feels self-conscious about his or her body and wants to hide it. In either case, it's something that you may want to watch out for and address if applicable.

2. Your Teen Has Become Almost Too Active

Of course, in a day and age when many teens spend a lot of their time in front of a computer or television screen, knowing that your teen is getting out and being active might be a good feeling. Physical activity is definitely a good thing for people of all ages, including teenagers. However, if your teen seems to suddenly be exercising much more than he or she ever did before, it could also be a sign that he or she is doing so due to an obsession with losing weight. Talking to your teen to get an idea of why he or she is being so active can help you determine if this could be the case.

3. Your Teen Spends a Lot of Time in the Bathroom

Many people think of anorexia when they think about eating disorders. However, bulimia -- in which a person binge eats and then vomits or uses a laxative afterward to avoid gaining weight -- is also common. If your teen seems to eat normally but also spends a lot of time in the bathroom, you may want to take steps to ensure that he or she is just primping or taking selfies and not practicing self-destructive, eating disorder-related behaviors.

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