Have An Interest In Golf? You May Be Able To Secure Temp Work During The Summer

If you live in an area in which the golf season only lasts for part of the calendar year, you'll often find that golf courses hire temp workers throughout the summer through an employment placement agency. While you don't necessarily have to enjoy the sport to get temp work at a golf course, it definitely helps, and you may even enjoy the perk of discounted green fees whenever you want to play a round. Golf courses commonly hire a variety of temp workers to help run the course during the season of play, so you might have some success getting one of the following jobs.

Pro Shop Staff

If you have a high degree of knowledge of golf, you might be able to find temp work as a pro shop staff member. Large golf courses, especially, will hire a significant number of pro shop staff members for the golfing season. You may work in a variety of capacities, including running the cash, helping customers with golf clothing, and aiding those who are looking to buy new clubs. In the latter position, temp workers who are adept in this area may perform swing analyses on customers with the help of cameras and computer software.

Grounds Keeping Staff

Golf courses also hire many temp workers to assist the head grounds keeper. This type of work is integral to keeping the golf course not only in proper playing condition, but also having it look its best. Cutting the grass daily, filling and raking sand hazards, retrieving balls from water hazards, and other assorted landscaping tasks are all part of this type of job. You'll also have to occasionally trim trees and sometimes even cut them down, as well as place each hole in a different spot of the green every few days.

Instructional Staff

It's common for golf courses to run golf camps and offer private and group instruction, which means that if you're a skilled golfer and are looking for temp work in an environment that you enjoy, you may wish to seek employment as a member of the instructional staff. Junior instructors will often assist with summer golf camps for children, while those who have more experience with teaching may be able to work as private instructors. If the idea of spending each workday on the golf course is appealing to you, you'll definitely want to plan to obtain a summer temp job at a local course.

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