Live CART Captioning: 3 Ways This Service Benefits Life Improvement Event Hosts

If you plan to host your first live life improvement seminar soon, then you should learn all about communication access real-time translation (CART) captioning and how it can help improve your events.

When you hire a live CART captioning service, you are connected with a CART stenographer who listens to the words spoken by you and/or your other event speakers and then quickly types them into a phonetic keyboard. Finally, with the help of special CART software, the words recorded by the stenographer are projected onto the screen at your facility as your speakers talk. 

Now that you understand how CART works, read on to learn about three benefits of communication access real-time translation for life improvement speakers. 

1. Help the Hearing Impaired Understand Your Message

One of the biggest benefits of CART is that it enables you and your speakers to share your information with the hearing impaired more easily. While some event hosts do hire ASL interpreters to translate their spoken words for the hard of hearing, these interpreters can be difficult for some audience members to see at larger events and the cost of a hiring live interpreter can vary greatly. 

When you instead have a stenographer record speakers words and project them onto several large screens in your facility or even onto the hearing impaired attendees' personal computing devices, you can ensure that every hearing impaired attendee receives your speakers' messages easily and clearly without having to go out of their way to keep their eyes on an ASL interpreter. 

In addition, CART helps keep your events compliant with the American's with Disabilities Act (ADA). Depending on where your event is hosted and how many attendees you have, the law may require you to provide equal communication access, such as CART, to the hearing impaired. 

2. Ensure No One Misses Important Information Due to Event Noise 

Not only the hard of hearing can benefit from CART. While you may instruct your guests to remain quiet during your speakers' presentations, just a small amount of noise in an event room can be distracting to many other guests.

When you have speakers' words projected onto screens in your facilities, attendees have an alternative way to follow the speaker's presentations when they cannot hear the speakers' words due to the noise fellow attendees are making. 

3. More Easily Create an Event Transcript 

If you have considered hiring a transcription service to record your speakers' presentations but quickly dismissed the idea due to the cost of one of these services, then you will enjoy the fact that you can typically obtain an event transcript after you have a stenographer record your presenters' words during CART. You can then use this transcript to help perfect or hone your speeches, and you can even sell copies of this transcript to people who were not able to attend your event in person. 

If you host life improvement seminars, then consider these three benefits of CART services before you hold your next event. 

For more information, contact a live CART captioning service, such as LiveCap.

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